Business English: Questions for International Negotiators


1. How Important is it in your opinion to do research on the cultural background of the person you will be negotiating with?
2. How are negotiators from different countries and cultures different in your opinion?
3. Have you ever had a “crisis” situation come up when negotiating across cultures? How did you resolve it?
4. Have you ever had to negotiate with someone from a different culture that made you feel “disrespected”?
5. Has your own culture (country or company) ever been a problem in a negotiation?
6. What do you think is/are the most important element(s) of dealmaking in the 21st Century
7. Do you think “reciprocity” is important in negotiation? Is it more important in some countries than others in your view?
8. Do you believe that only a written contract at the end of a negotiation binds you or your company? Or could you incur obligations just based on a discussion and handshake?
9. When should you (or have you) walked away from a negotiation?
10. When is it appropriate in your view to go above the person you are negotiating with to find someone of higher authority to make a deal?
11. How do you personally deal with “difficult” negotiators?
12. What are the secrets to your most successful deals?
13. What lessons did you learn from deals that fell through?
14. Have you studied other negotiators in your field? What do you think makes an effective negotiator?
15. Which countries have the most unreliable negotiators in your experience?
16. How does your company typically settle disputes when negotiations and deals fall apart?
17. What do you think you still need to learn or improve to be a more effective negotiator?


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