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  9. For, Since, During, While
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  1. Write a letter
Imagine you are a recent grad with a degree in Art and Design. You have studied, including other subjects, Sound Design and Motion Design. A Hollywood producer has posted a job on Indeed.com looking for a young whipper-snapper type to assist him with the sound design on his new movie. You want to get the job because you would love to move to Los Angeles where a house with pool will be provided for you. You also are attracted to the compensation package and, of course, the project itself.

Sell yourself to the Hollywood producer. Explain in your cover letter why you are the right person for the job. Tell the producer about your experience, background, education, interests and skill sets. Beat out the competition for this job by writing a winning cover letter.


2. Write a proposal
Write a proposal for a new app. Imagine that this proposal will go to your boss who is looking for new, innovative ideas from his team.  Mention specific design features that you will include in this app. Explain who the target is for this app. Explain why this app is useful. Sell this idea to your boss.
3. Create an infographic.
Create an infographic explaining one aspect of the mobile ecosystem by using as many graphics as you can.  Think creatively and innovatively. If you do not know what the mobile ecosystem comprises, first research the topic then do an infographic on just one component part of the ecosystem.

4. Tell a “story”
Create/Write out the plan or outline for your next video which you expect to "go viral" on the Internet. Explain all the necessary details about the video. Discuss who, what, where, when and how. Connect the dots so that the listener knows where you see the video beginning and ending; what is the main idea of the video; and that they understand why you predict that it will go viral.
5. Give a presentation
Select a website on the internet that you think is "superior." Explain why you think that this website is superior from a web design perspective. Make recommendations for how this website can be improved to be even better. Keep in mind that your presentation will be evaluated by a group of 4 students. The students will evaluate you using the following criteria with each criteria being worth 4 points (so in all, your maximum grade is out of 20): 1. Did you know this website inside and out? Were you intimately familiar with this website? Did you have a lot of knowledge about this website? 2. Were you well-prepared for the presentation? 3. Was your presentation interesting and dynamic? Did you use any visual aids or graphics? 4. Was your presentation well organized in a way that made sense to the listeners? 5. Was your English clear? Were you interesting? Did you show enthusiasm for your presentation? 
6. Work in pairs
Do a mock interview for a job at Apple. One person will be the interviewer and  the other will be the interviewee. Discuss a job opening for creating the I-phone 20.  Write up the questions and answers as a team then practice the interview. Questions and answers should be focused on personal information of the interviewee as well as technical information about the design ideas for the I-phone 20 that the interviewer and interviewee has come up with.

7. Describe a process and give a poster presentation

Decide on a topic where you get to explain how something is done or how something is made (or will be made). For example, you might describe "how to make a logo." It can be something even more intricate and complex. Research this topic thoroughly online. Find images and graphics that help  to explain the process.  Create a poster with your information and be prepared to present your poster to the class IN ENGLISH. 

8. Review, Describe and Critique Graphic Design Images

For the following three images, write a short description of the image then critique the image from the standpoint of a graphic designer. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each design? Where would this design be appropriate?

resources for multimediaimage 1.

resources for multimediaimage 2

resources for multimediaimage 3 
9. Role Play a telephone Call With a Client
Imagine you own your own graphic design firm and a client has hired you to create their company website, logo, and icon. Choose a partner and role play the initial conversation you will have where the client explains what they are looking for and you explain what is possible, what is not possible, and what is their best option.