1. What do you understand by “spirituality” , Do you consider it important for people to have a “spiritual” life?
2. Have you ever broken the law and if so what happened? (Ever been arrested?)
3. Which animal do you think is the most fascinating and why?
4. If you could come back as an animal in your next life and you could choose, which one would you choose?
5. Who is your favorite author and which of their books was your favorite and why?
6. Do you like seafood? Talk about the various types and which ones you like best and least.
7. What are your favorite fruits and how often do you indulge?
8. What about your favorite vegetables?
9. What do you think about people who say they don’t eat meat? And how do you prefer to prepare your meats?
10. Which do you prefer: wine, beer or champagne and why?
11. What do you know about the artist Toulouse Lautrec?
12. Where in the world do you most wish you could be right now?
13. If money weren’t an issue what would you be doing right now?
14. Other than over the counter medications, have you ever tried recreational drugs? Which ones?
15. What’s your greatest obsession?
16. Would you say you feel more like a dominating person or a dominated person?
17. Why do you love your job?
18. What is the one character trait you absolutely cannot tolerate in others?
19. Do you have any enemies? If so, why did this person become your enemy?
20. Are there any circumstances that you can contemplate committing murder?

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