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ELG is not a “university.” The use of the term “university” on this website is not intended to imply that this website, its agents or affiliates or owners are operating a “university”  as that word is commonly understood. The word “university” is used on this website simply as a designation of our online portal. WE ARE NOT A UNIVERSITY. ELG and its owners and agents are in the business of providing English training to patrons who typically are non-native English speakers. ELG cannot and does not offer academic credit or continuing education credit for courses you take with ELG. Further, ELG makes no guarantees or warranties about the suitability of our services for any particular purpose, about the accuracy of any information provided, or about the quality or effectiveness of our products or services. Nothing on this website constitutes legal or Professional advice. ELG makes no warranties about the likelihood of improving your level of English after taking a course with this societe.  Furthermore, reference to “Partner with us” does not imply a “partnership” agreement with either English Language Global or ELG Consulting. Neither student members nor teacher members hold any equity stake in ELG Global or ELG Consulting. Neither teacher members or student members are authorized to act as an agent for ELG and its affiliâtes. Teacher members are not employees of ELG and ELG has no obligation to provide said members with employment opportunities. ELG makes no guarantees that advertising on this site in any way will lead to business leads. ELG Global is a New York Corporation. ELG Consulting, our affiliate office in Paris enjoys auto-entrepreneur status. Please contact us at for any inquiries regarding this information.


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