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A Girl Named Sandy

English resources for international law students

Fewer than 100 pages, this book uses story-telling techniques to discuss what the author calls a “Legal Cautionary Tale Based on the Death of Sandra Bland,” a young woman from Villa Park Illinois in the United States who died in police custody in Texas in 2015. The book is quasi-biographical but also focuses on American domestic law as well as international treaties, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, a treaty ratified by the United States in 1992, that are implicated in cases such as the Sandra Bland’s case.

Read this book. Then answer the question below.

The question is:

What responsibility does the federal government of the United States have under international law to address and resolve this issue of police brutality and misconduct against minorities?

Respond by writing a 3 paged essay IN ENGLISH using facts and law to support your answer. Exchange your essay with a partner. Discuss your essays in English.


The Brethren – John Grisham

English resources for international law studentsRead the following excerpt from the book by John Grisham, The Brethren then answer the questions below.

JUSTICE SPICER rolled over again on the bottom bunk. Sleep was a rare gift in his tiny room, on his tiny bed with a small, smelly roommate named Alvin snoring above him. Alvin had roamed North America as a hobo for decades, but late in life had grown weary and hungry. His crime had been the robbery of a rural mail carrier in Oklahoma. His apprehension had been aided mightily when Alvin walked into the FBI office in Tulsa and declared "I did it." The FBI scrambled for six hours to find the crime. Even the judge knew Alvin planned it all. He wanted a federal bed, certainly not one provided by the state. 

Sleep was even more difficult than usual because Spicer was worried about the lawyer. Now that the scam had hit is stride, there was serious cash lying around. And more on the way. The more Boomer Realty collected in the Bahamas, the more tempting it would become for Trevor. He and he alone could steal their ill-gotten loot and get away with it. But the scam worked only with an outside conspirator. Someone had to sneak the mail back and forth. Someone had to collect the money. There had to be a way to bypass the lawyer, and Joe Roy was determined to find it. If he didn't sleep for a month, he didn't care. No slimy lawyer would take a third of his money, then steal the rest.
Imagine you are a practicing criminal law practitioner. A member of your local bar is arrested and thrown in jail for conspiring to commit a crime with jailed inmates in a federal prison. The lawyer contacts your law firm for legal representation and you arrange an interview to decide if you will represent him.
  • What are the questions you want to ask the lawyer who now wants to be your client?
  • What legal defenses can you think of that you will use to try to get your client out of jail.


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